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When crowned Miss South Africa in August, Natasha Joubert pledged to make a positive impact, a promise she’s now fulfilling with the official launch of her advocacy campaign, the “Natasha Joubert Collective” (NJC).

Passionate About Education and Entrepreneurship: NJC’s Core Focus

Natasha Joubert, the 26-year-old beauty queen from Pretoria, is set to make education and entrepreneurship the cornerstones of her multifaceted NJC initiative. Her campaign aims to give back to South Africa, focusing on providing second chances and creating opportunities for individuals and communities.

The Heart of NJC: Education and Entrepreneurship

Education holds a special place in Joubert’s heart, and NJC reflects this passion. As a B.Com Marketing Management graduate and fashion entrepreneur, she envisions NJC as a means to contribute to a better South Africa by facilitating opportunities in education, entrepreneurship, food security, period poverty, fashion, and water and sanitation.

Building a Better Future: Joubert’s Vision for NJC

With a determination to positively impact society, Joubert plans to collaborate with companies and donors to fund bursaries and learning programs. NJC will also work on upgrading school infrastructure and libraries, providing mentorship to pupils.

Preparation Before the Crown: NJC’s Early Development

Joubert revealed that NJC’s groundwork began even before her Miss South Africa competition entry. Months of planning and hard work have gone into the initiative, with close collaboration with the Miss South Africa organization to secure sponsorships for the campaign.

Looking Ahead: Unveiling NJC Phases

Joubert is set to reveal the first phase of NJC next week, with more announcements expected in the new year. Urging fellow South Africans to join her cause, she emphasizes the importance of making education accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints.

A Platform for Advocacy: Miss South Africa’s Role

Stephanie Weil, CEO of the Miss South Africa organization, highlights the pageant’s commitment to providing a platform for winners and runners-up to promote advocacies close to their hearts. Joubert’s dedication to education aligns with her belief in every person’s right to an education.

Call to Action: Joubert Invites National Support

As Joubert calls on all South Africans to support her campaign, the NJC initiative sets a noble goal – ensuring education is a fundamental right for everyone, not just the privileged few. Joubert’s determination to make a difference is poised to shape a brighter future for South Africa.

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