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In the latest addition to the beloved “Kandasamys” franchise, director Jayan Moodley, alongside co-writers Jailoshini Naidoo and Yugan Naidoo, delves into the intricate web of parenting in “Kandasamys: The Baby.”

Challenging Expectations: A Shift from Comedy to Drama

Unlike its predecessors, the fourth film takes a departure from full-blown comedy, presenting a more emotionally charged narrative. While some fans might have expected the usual humor, the film addresses hard-hitting topics, leaving some viewers disappointed.

Mauritius as the Scenic Backdrop

Filmed against the picturesque backdrop of Mauritius, the story revolves around Prishen Naidoo (Madhushan Singh) and Jodi Kandasamy (Mishqah Parthiephal), who welcome their firstborn after facing fertility struggles. The film intricately weaves the dynamics of family, parenthood, and relationships.

A Collaborative Writing Process

Director Jayan Moodley emphasized the collaborative effort in the screenplay, crediting co-writers Jailoshini Naidoo and Yugan Naidoo, both cast members, for their significant contributions. The writing team aimed to strike a balance between delivering a fresh story and adhering to the established “K-formula.”

Motherhood Takes Center Stage

The film focuses on the female-centric perspective, particularly exploring the complexities of mother-child relationships. Jennifer Kandasamy, portrayed by Jailoshini Naidoo, undergoes a transformation from a protective to a critical mother, reflecting the challenges and nuances of parenting.

A Journey of Learning and Growth

Jailoshini Naidoo expressed gratitude for the opportunity to co-write the screenplay, highlighting the learning and growing process. Her character, Jennifer, embodies the archetype of the protective but occasionally overly critical mother, showcasing the vulnerability and realization that come with parenthood.

Shanti Naidoo’s Favoritism Struggle

Maeshni Naicker, who plays Shanti Naidoo, discussed the challenges of parenting depicted in the film. Shanti unintentionally falls into the favoritism trap, leading to consequences for her younger son. The narrative serves as a reflection for parents, urging them to evaluate their own parenting styles.

Heart, Fun, and Laughter Amidst Drama

Jailoshini Naidoo, known for her Aunty Rumba alter-ego, emphasized the film’s incorporation of heart, fun, and laughter, showcasing her affinity for drama and emotion in the writing process.

Addressing Real-World Parenting Issues

Maeshni Naicker touched upon the serious themes explored in the movie, particularly the wake-up call for Shanti Naidoo regarding favoritism. The film prompts parents to reflect on their actions and consider if they inadvertently exhibit similar behaviors.

In “Kandasamys: The Baby,” the franchise takes a poignant turn, offering audiences a mix of emotions and thought-provoking insights into the complexities of motherhood and parenting relationships.

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