Keeping Conflict Between Us: Day 7 on Our Relationship Journey with Sajitha Rasheed and Mind Mojo

Day 7 of Relationship Journey
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We’re on our seventh day of this awesome journey together, and today, let’s chat about something super important—how we handle conflicts and keep our families out of it.

Respecting Each Other’s Space: It’s Not Your Fault

First off, remember, your partner isn’t to blame for what their family says or does. It’s important to respect this boundary. Blaming them for their family’s actions isn’t fair and can strain our relationship.

Focusing on Us: Let’s Keep Families Aside

When we hit a rough patch, let’s focus on what’s happening between us. Bringing up past family stuff doesn’t help. Let’s keep our families out of it and deal with things just between us. That way, we can avoid extra tension and have a healthier talk.

Building Trust: Tackling Conflicts Together

Handling conflicts together, just between us, makes our bond stronger. By keeping our families out of it, we create a space for honest talks. That’s what keeps our relationship going strong.

Supporting Each Other: Through Thick and Thin

When things get tough, let’s lean on each other for support. Let’s tackle challenges together without blaming each other or involving our families. We’re a team, and together, we can overcome anything.

Conclusion: Growing Together, Step by Step

As we journey through this day, let’s handle conflicts with care and respect. Let’s keep our families out of it and focus on nurturing our connection. Together, we can build a relationship that’s strong, resilient, and filled with love.

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