Kelsea Ballerini’s Jaw-Dropping MTV VMAs Dress Change

Image Credit: The Independent

Kelsea Ballerini surprised the audience with an unexpected wardrobe change during her performance of “Penthouse” at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

At the start of her powerful ballad on the Prudential Center’s stage, the 30-year-old singer appeared in an elegant white floor-length gown with a high slit and subtle ruching. However, as she transitioned to the bridge of the newly released hit, her outfit underwent a transformation.

For viewers at home, Ballerini was enveloped in a thick cloud of smoke after singing, “And it stings rolling up the welcome mat/Knowing you got half.” When the fog dissipated, the “Peter Pan” creator had shed the white gown, revealing a form-fitting black satin mini dress. This quick change left many bewildered as to how she executed it on live television in mere seconds.

Social media erupted with fans expressing their amazement at her instantaneous wardrobe switch.

One individual turned to X (formerly Twitter) seeking an explanation: “I need someone to explain this Kelsea Ballerini sorcery to me.”

Another account, K105, added, “How did Kelsea Ballerini manage to change her dress while performing at the VMAs? We’re all still wondering.”

One curious person speculated that the performance might not have been in real-time: “It was pre-filmed the night before. She sang the song twice, once in the black dress, once in the white. It was edited together for the ‘showing’ last night at the VMAs.”

Ballerini reaffirmed what was seen in the photographs on her TikTok page, where she demonstrated her performance before the show. She started in the white dress, pretending to sing on stage with a white towel securing her wet hair. Then, she grabbed the top of her dress, struggled for a moment, and ripped it off.

In her caption, she humorously wrote, “Telling my future children I was once Houdini.”

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