Lime tip No:1

To increase the metabolism and thus to lose weight, for a relief from bloated stomach and more important to safeguard from having heart blocks.

Take a lime cut into pieces, take half an inch of ginger crush it. Boil these in a glass of water, once it is boiled enough switch it off. Better do this in the night. Next day squeeze the lemon and ginger then strain the water, mix it with half a teaspoon of honey and have this as the first thing in the morning. It is always better to take honey with warm water. Either you can boil the concoction once more or just add a little boiled water to the concoction. If daily done this a very much effective practice.

Lime tip No:2

Lime is an effective as antifungal. Cut it into half and scrub wherever you have an itching due to fungus. It works especially for that pantyliner itch, the fungal infection between the inner thighs.

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