Women always prefer to present themselves at their best. I would say all women across the world possess marvelous techniques and methods uniquely designed for themselves to look beautiful. However, the real beauty of a woman is observed when she is confident. There are many aspects that contributes to her confidence.

Let me ask you, how many of you are able to reflect yourself to the fullest? At times you doubt yourself and lose confidence even when you have done your level best to present yourself. How you carry yourself can be one of the reasons why you lack confidence. How you are showing up conveys your persona – your personality – and a wrong posture or body language can unconsciously affect our confidence and at the same time convey a wrong attitude.

Thus, sustaining a good posture is very much required to present ourselves in the best way and at the same time vital to our overall health. Being aware of good posture is the first step to breaking old postural habits, to become more confident and further reducing constant seeking of other’s approval on how you look, sit or walk. Here, I would like to help and guide you with simple mathematical calculations and ways to understand your posture!

Concept of Posture

Posture comes from a Latin verb “ponere” which means to put or place. The general concept of human posture refers to “Carriage of a body as a whole; the attitude of the body or position of the limbs”. Let us understand if you maintain a good posture or rather ‘what is a good posture?’.

Understanding your postures

Let us take a posture test at home. This test does not require any equipment other than a ruler or a tape.

  • Stand against a wall with the back of your head touching the wall.
  • Your buttocks and both shoulder blades should be touching the wall.
  • Keep your heels 6 inches away from the wall.
  • Have someone measure the space between the wall and the small of your back (lower part of a person’s back which is smaller and narrower than rest of it) and the wall.
  • Measure the space between your neck and the wall.
  • Both these measurements should be less than 2 inches.

If the measurements are greater than 2 inches then you are likely to have a poor posture or a curved spine. It is advisable to consult a physiotherapist in this case and get advices on how to get this rectified.

 Our mothers and grandmothers knew what they were talking about when they told us to sit up and stand tall, pull your shoulders back. We need to keep saying it and help ourselves and our children understand why it’s important. Good posture has healthful benefits not only for strengthening, energizing and revitalizing our body but for our whole self by improving overall appearance and boosting confidence.

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