Lola Kutty
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Lola Kutty, the quirky alter ego of comedian Anu Menon, made a dazzling comeback on Instagram, bringing a wave of nostalgia for netizens. Anu Menon, decked out in a flamboyant silk saree, gold jewelry, and a jasmine garland, humorously lamented her exclusion (later rectified) from the Lollapalooza music festival in Mumbai. Even Union Minister Smriti Irani joined the fun, cheering on Lola Kutty’s revival.

Anu Menon’s journey from Chennai to Mumbai, shaped by a passion for acting and a stint at the London School of Drama, led to her breakthrough as Lola Kutty in 2004 on Channel V. The caricatured Keralite woman with a distinctive Malayalam accent, became a breath of fresh air in the world of VJs, breaking the mold of glamorous counterparts with her ‘chechi next door’ charm.

The Lola Kutty persona, known for iron-pressed silk sarees and curly hair, gained immense popularity, making cameo appearances in films like Quick Gun Murugan (2009) and Happy New Year (2014). Channel V thrived on Lola Kutty’s charm, drawing in not just local fans but also captivating the Indian diaspora worldwide.

While Lola Kutty faced criticism for allegedly exaggerating the Malayalam accent, Anu Menon clarified that the humor was targeted at the fictional character, not the Malayalis. Lola Kutty became a sensation, earning Menon accolades for her comedic prowess and acting skills.

Anu Menon’s Instagram reel resurrection of Lola Kutty sparked joy among fans, showcasing the enduring appeal of this iconic character. From a playful critique of missed invitations to a delightful reunion with Lola Kutty’s vibrant persona, Anu Menon’s comeback has injected a dose of humor and fond memories into the hearts of netizens.

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