Managing Menstrual Health: Optimal Exercise for Women

Menstrual Health
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During menstruation, women experience unique challenges such as body pain and tiredness. Experts recommend a balanced diet to prevent deficiencies. The common query of whether exercising during periods is advisable is addressed by health professionals.

Health experts suggest that exercising during periods is acceptable, but caution against intense workouts. Prolonged exercise can lead to cramps, muscle pain, fatigue, and nervousness. Light exercises, however, can alleviate pain and discomfort. Hormonal changes during menstruation may induce fatigue, making moderation crucial.

Engaging in regular, moderate exercise during periods offers several benefits. It can alleviate laziness and weakness, mitigate mood swings, and reduce breast swelling. Exercise also helps control increased appetite and combats stress and irritability.

However, excessive exercise during menstruation is discouraged. Limiting sessions to 30-40 minutes prevents complaints of stomach and back pain. Overdoing it may negatively impact health.

For those contemplating exercise during periods, certain precautions are essential:

  1. Avoid exercising on an empty stomach.
  2. Wait a few hours after eating before starting exercise.
  3. Choose comfortable clothing, avoiding excessive layers.
  4. Refrain from overstretching the body.
  5. Avoid excessive climbing of stairs.

By adhering to these guidelines, women can strike a balance between staying active and respecting their body’s needs during menstruation. Optimal exercise during periods contributes to overall well-being, addressing physical discomfort and supporting mental health.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The India TV English

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