Masterful Tips for Long-Lasting Curls: Pro Stylists’ Wisdom Unveiled

Long-lasting curls
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Curls, when done right, can elevate your everyday look, but the struggle to maintain them throughout the day is real. Hairstylists Laura Polko, Syrenthia Quiñones, and Rogerio Cavalcante share their expertise to ensure your curls stay lush and voluminous all day long.

Causes of Curl Fallout: Curls may lose their bounce due to excessive product use, overheating, insufficient cooling time, and environmental factors like humidity and wind. Hair’s natural state, including texture, length, and thickness, also plays a crucial role in determining curl longevity.

Strategies for Prolonged Curls:

  1. Prep with Precision: Begin with a hair wash using suitable products for your hair type. Towel-dry and apply curl-enhancers, styling creams, or heat-protective products like Hairitage Hydrating Curl Creme.
  2. Dry Before You Curl: Ensure your hair is clean and completely dry before using a curling iron. Wet or damp hair won’t hold curls well and is more prone to damage.
  3. Barrel Size Matters: Opt for a small-barrel curling iron, preferably 1 inch, for tighter, longer-lasting curls. Consider using automatic curling irons for a more effortless experience.
  4. Section Wisely: Divide your hair into sections no wider than 1 inch to achieve tighter curls. Smaller sections ensure better curl formation.
  5. Technique is Key: Wrap smaller sections of hair evenly around the wand to achieve uniform curls. Avoid overlapping hair during wrapping for a flawless finish.
  6. Moderate Heat: Set the curling iron to a moderate temperature, around 300 degrees Fahrenheit, to prevent excessive damage. Hold onto the hair for 12 to 18 seconds for optimal results.
  7. Cool Down Time: Allow your curls to cool down adequately before brushing through. Excessive touching can loosen spirals.
  8. Extra Hold with Curlers: For added insurance, roll up sections of curled hair and secure them with rollers or hairpins. Longer cooling time ensures more enduring curls.
  9. Lock in with Hairspray: Finish your styling with a reliable hairspray like Rahua’s Defining Hair Spray for a strong and lasting hold.

Quick Fixes for Fallen Curls:

  1. Travel-Sized Curling Iron: Carry a mini curling iron for on-the-go touch-ups, focusing on areas that need revival.
  2. Finger Styling: Wrap fallen curls around your finger and spray with curl-enhancing spray or hairspray for a quick hold.
  3. Bobby Pins Magic: Use bobby pins or hair clips to pin fallen curls, adding volume and creating a fresh style.
  4. Texturizing Hairspray and Scrunch: On the move, use a texturizing hairspray and scrunch hair upward with fingers to revive fallen curls.

With these expert tips, your curls are destined to stay vibrant and voluminous, defying the odds of everyday wear and tear.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The firstforwomen

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