McDonald’s India Launches First All-Women Drive-Thru Restaurant


McDonald’s is a world-Wide food chain famous for its multinational fast food. It’s the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue and is best known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers and French fries, although their menu includes several items besides that. Recently on June 30, McDonald’s India announced the launch of its first all-women drive-thru restaurant in EKTA NAGAR, GUJRAT. 

This new drive-thru restaurant owned and operated by Westlife development (McDonald’s India’s franchise partner) is located near the statue of unity. To run this drive-thru restaurant the franchise partner Westlife Development Employed 28 women from nearby villages. Westlife development managing director Smita Jain felt honour and pride to launch a maiden all-women employee-led Drive-thru restaurant at the land of the prestigious statue of unity. She believes that this initiative will enable them to strengthen our commitment towards diversity and inclusion as well as fostering communities, by bringing in more women from the region to the workforce. The women crew helming this restaurant have been trained as per FSSAI guidelines on all the necessary safety, hygiene and other restaurant procedures.

This is in fact not known by a large number of people yet but it is a great initiative/step towards reducing gender bias activities in the workplace and promoting women empowerment. 

  • Madhvica Sharma

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