Meet Deepa Kumar, Founder of Period Pant who Transformed Menstruation into Green

deepa kumar

Deepa Kumar founded Yashram Lifestyle to transform and improve women’s lives. Her ideas, which are inspired by women around the country, aim to make life more comfortable for them during their most vulnerable times. Deepa guides her team through each business milestone while also overseeing product development and innovation at the company. 

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted her a patent for the ‘Sanitary Undergarment’ concept in March 2015, while the Indian Patent and Trademark Office granted her a patent for the same product in February 2019. 

Her very successful invention, ‘Period Panty,‘ has drawn loyal customers across the country while simultaneously providing an environmentally responsible alternative.

As per various surveys, the majority of women are clueless that used sanitary napkins include up to 90% plastic and contribute to landfills once discarded. Every year, around 12,3 billion sanitary pads, or 113,000 tonnes, are dumped in landfills in India, contributing to the country’s present plastic pollution. Reusable pads, menstruation cups, period panties, and other long-lasting options are becoming more popular. With such options on the market, green menstruation will be the way to go.

What started as a small business to make a difference in the lives of a few women has grown into a company with an annual recurring income of INR 8 crores and over 50 workers across divisions. The manufacturing division hires and trains women from small towns and townships, expanding sector employment. 

And period stains are the last thing we need on days like this. As a result, she created the Adira Period Panty, a reusable, washable, leak-proof cotton panty that is skin-friendly and breathable. Furthermore, it maintains the pad in place and avoids movement and crumpling. 

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