Meet Margaret MacLeod: The Fluent Hindi-Speaking Voice of US Diplomacy

Image Credit: The Statesman

Margaret MacLeod is the US State Department’s spokesperson for Hindi and Urdu-speaking communities worldwide. She plays a crucial role in conveying America’s foreign policy priorities to these language groups. With a background as a seasoned Foreign Service Officer, she has served in various international and domestic roles.

Margaret MacLeod holds a doctorate in Sustainable Development from Columbia University, a bachelor’s degree in International Economics from Georgetown University, and has studied at the Delhi School of Economics as a Rotary Scholar. Her proficiency in spoken and written Hindi and Urdu is impressive.

In her fourteen-year career as a US diplomat, MacLeod has worked in roles spanning the US Senate, the US Mission to the United Nations, and various international assignments. Her responsibilities have included writing for high-ranking officials, strategic communication, public speaking, and ensuring compliance with regulations in a global context.

During the recent G20 summit in India, Margaret MacLeod garnered attention when she responded to a reporter’s questions in Hindi. While she couldn’t reveal specific agenda details, she hinted that global peace would likely be a focus of discussions. MacLeod emphasized the collaboration between the US and India in areas such as emerging technologies, AI, education, and student mobility. She highlighted America’s eagerness to work closely with India, aligned with the aspirations of Indian students.

Margaret MacLeod also acknowledged India’s growing economic significance and its efforts to assert itself globally, especially from the perspective of the global south.

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Re-reported from the article published in The Statesman

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