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Princess Märtha Louise, the eldest child of Norway’s King Harald V, has announced her engagement to Durek Verrett, a self-proclaimed shaman from California. The royal family expressed their delight at the union, despite the couple’s unconventional beliefs.

Durek Verrett, who claims to be a sixth-generation shaman, has garnered attention for his assertions of communicating with spirits and using ancient healing practices. Princess Märtha Louise, on the other hand, has professed her ability to communicate with angels.

The couple previously toured Norway in 2019 under the banner of “The Princess and The Shaman,” sparking curiosity and discussion throughout the country.

Their wedding is scheduled for August 24, and it will be held in Geiranger, a picturesque location situated 265 kilometers north of Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city. The wedding expenses will be privately covered.

Expressing their joy, the couple stated, “We are incredibly happy to be able to celebrate our love in Geiranger’s beautiful surroundings. It means a lot to us to gather our loved ones in a place that is so rich in history and spectacular nature. Geiranger is the perfect place to embrace our love.”

Following the wedding, Durek Verrett will relocate to Norway, although he will not hold any official title. Despite Princess Märtha Louise being the first child of King Harald V, her younger brother, Crown Prince Haakon, is set to succeed their father as king. The Norwegian constitution was amended in 1990 to permit the firstborn, regardless of gender, to take precedence in the line of succession, though it was not applied retroactively.

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