Meet Star Cunningham: Founder & CEO Of Health Tech Start-Up 4D Healthware 


Star Cunningham, Founder and CEO of 4D Healthware, is pioneering a HIPAA-compliant technology platform created to help doctors help patients with chronic conditions adhere to care plans and make the best lifestyle decisions for their health.

Cunningham has travelled the world to solve complex problems. She is living a big idea. Although she had access to the best medical care in the world, Cunningham personally experienced gaps in the healthcare system. She launched 4D Healthware intending to power medical facilities through technology to provide healthcare to those who may not be as well educated, financially able, or connected to the same level of medical care as the wealthy. 

The startup was founded in 2011 by Star Cunningham, a globally recognised expert on “Smart” (M2M Learning) systems and wearable technology. She is also regarded as a specialist in system migration, process re-engineering, high-speed Internet access product delivery and enhancement, big data collection, as well as real-time analysis. 4D Healthware is the driving force behind healthcare providers’ efforts to ensure their exchange with patients is efficient, yet empathetic and mutually beneficial. Under Star’s leadership, this venture has been recognised as a rising star in the healthcare tech space by globally respected publications including Inc. This has also been listed in Crain’s Chicago Tech 50 and Cunningham recognised as a Crain’s Notable Entrepreneur, a highly respected business journal in Chicago.

Cunningham’s venture, considered one of the nation’s leading virtual care service providers, provides easy-to-use devices for patients that can be integrated with any electronic healthcare record (EHR) system quickly, efficiently, and with minimal disruption. It also allows secure, HIPAA-compliant, two-way, 24-hour communication. With the potential to deliver a 95% retention rate among engaged patients, its remote patient monitoring encourages patients to take control of their health while enabling practitioners to gather vital information between office visits.

As a result of the overwhelming support from healthcare providers and patients, Cunningham has prioritized distributing educational materials and proper PPE supplies to families in the company’s network. “Our company embraces a collective consciousness across communities, a mantra that is especially relevant now as our healthcare experiences shape our global consciousness during a pandemic,” said Cunningham.

  • Noorain Sheikh 

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