Mehrunnisa Shaukat Ali – India’s first lady bouncer dismantling gender bias

mehrunnisa shaukat ali

Mehrunnisa Shaukat Ali is India’s first female bouncer, defying gender stereotypes and social discrimination. 

She is a role model for individuals who assume a woman cannot work as a bouncer or a bumper. She was initially overlooked for her work and was only regarded as a security guard. She did, however, fight for her job. 

Mehrunnisa’s path was not easy at first, and her family was not supportive, but her determination, tenacity, and zeal prevented her from giving up. 

The 35-year-old woman defied social prejudice and stereotypes to become India’s first female bouncer, a traditionally male-dominated job.

She hails from the Uttar Pradesh area of Saharanpur. 

Her job requires her to work in nightclubs and deal with regular conflicts while keeping an eye on female customers. 

It all began when Mehrunnisa chose to become a bouncer in 2014. She was in 10th grade at the time. She was previously mistaken for a security guard because no one took her seriously, however after a long battle, she was identified as the lady bouncer.

Mehrunnisa has six siblings, one of whom is following in her footsteps. Her father was upset when she opted to become a bouncer. They were not pleased since she had to stay late, resulting in tantrums and unpleasant comments from others. 

The 35-year-old woman works as a bouncer at Social, a café in Hauz Khas Village that offers security for special events and breaks up bar fights. 

Mehrunnisa was supposed to be married off at the age of 12, but she had typhoid and had to stay in bed for a time. She was determined to work hard after she recovered to improve her life possibilities.

She had always wanted to be a cop and had now achieved her goal. Mehrunnisa became a cadet at the NCC. She took her fitness seriously and worked hard to achieve her goal. She found out about a job opening for a bouncer while she was prepping and applied for it. 

She was adamant about overcoming gender stereotypes and making a difference that would make her family proud of her. She now makes a good living and helps to raise her younger siblings.

It was a grit of respect for India’s first lady bouncer, Mehrnnisa Shaukat Ali. She is ecstatic to be the breadwinner of her family and pats herself on the back for breaking the mold and bringing a refreshing change. She encourages women to pursue their passions. 

Mehrunnisa has won numerous honors for her bravery, as well as assistance when she lost her work because of the epidemic. 

Mehrunnisa and her younger sister serve as bouncers today, breaking up bar fights, preserving the establishment’s decorum, spitting out the mongers, and keeping a watch on the female patrons.

Mehrunnisa’s path was not simple; she had her ups and downs, but she endured. She is currently a well-known personality in the security profession and lives in Delhi.

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