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Entrepreneur’s Sushi Mishap and Wasabi’s Unexpected Memory Boost

One humorous entrepreneurship memory involves the first time I tried sushi while pitching my startup to a potential angel investor. The twist? I mistakenly popped a hunk of wasabi into my mouth, leading to an unexpected fiery experience. Though the investment didn’t materialize, I gained a good story.

This anecdote took on new relevance when I stumbled upon a study from Japan revealing that wasabi might enhance cognitive recall. Researchers from Tohoku University conducted a study involving 72 Japanese adults. The participants took daily tablets containing a biochemical called 6-MSITC found in wasabi or a placebo for 12 weeks. Cognitive function tests showed that both groups experienced improved working memory and episodic memory, but the wasabi-tablet subjects demonstrated a significantly higher 18% increase in episodic memory recall.

Lead researcher Rui Nouchi expressed surprise at the “substantial” improvement and emphasized the need for further study with a larger subject pool. The study’s implications for business owners, especially entrepreneurs, are noteworthy, given the common fear of age-related cognitive decline. Entrepreneurs might explore potential opportunities in developing and marketing wasabi tablets or 6-MSITC supplements.

This study aligns with other documented memory boosters, such as consuming mushrooms, dark chocolate, cinnamon, and various vegetables. Additionally, fostering positive relationships, improving the work environment, engaging in cognitive hobbies, and performing exercises like crosswords contribute to cognitive health. The article concludes with a reminder that understanding the human brain’s intricacies, particularly memory enhancement, remains a captivating journey, offering simple yet effective methods for continuous learning.

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