Mom Charges Rent Teaches Daughter Life Skills

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Kat Clark, a mom from Australia, is making waves with her unique parenting style. She charges her 20-year-old daughter, Latisha, rent to live at home. Kat explains that she wants Latisha to learn about handling money and living independently.

Every week, Latisha pays around 26 pounds (about Rs 2,760) as rent. But here’s the twist: Kat doesn’t spend this money on household expenses. Instead, she saves it in a bank account for Latisha’s future. This way, Kat hopes to teach her daughter the value of money and how to manage it wisely.

Some people online have criticized Kat’s approach, but she stands by her decision. She believes she’s helping Latisha become more responsible and ready for the real world. On TikTok, where Kat shared her story, many people have praised her for teaching important life skills.

Kat’s way of parenting is similar to a trend in China called “full-time children” or “paid children.” These young adults live with their parents and help with household chores in exchange for financial support. Some think it’s practical, while others worry it might stop them from becoming independent.

Kat’s idea also reminds us of Essence Evans from the USA. She made headlines when she started charging her five-year-old daughter, Brooke, “rent” from her weekly allowance. Essence wanted to teach Brooke about money from a young age, just like Kat wants to teach Latisha.

These different parenting styles show how parents are finding new ways to teach their kids about money and independence. Whether it’s charging rent or giving them chores in exchange for money, parents everywhere are getting creative to prepare their kids for the future.

Re-reported from the article originally published in She the People.

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