Mom entrepreneur integrates sun protection into swimwear designs


Just over two years ago, Jen Scobie was a mom seeking better sun protection for her kids. Now, at 37, she’s a thriving small business owner, recognized as a semifinalist for Canada’s Total Mom Pitch. Her company, Sun Safe On the Lake, offers UPF 50+ swimwear for children and adults, born out of her frustration with inadequate sun protection options.

Spending time outdoors with her children, Jen noticed the limitations of existing sun protection gear. She wanted full coverage for her kids, especially her infant son, without relying solely on sunscreen. This sparked her entrepreneurial journey to create innovative swimwear designs that offered comprehensive sun protection.

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From longer sleeves and legs for infants to shorts covering past the knees for girls, Jen’s designs prioritize safety without sacrificing style. Her vision expanded to include swimwear for adults, with plans for a women’s sundress launching soon.

While not selected as a top finalist for the Total Mom Pitch, the recognition has opened doors for Jen, providing valuable learning opportunities and exposure for her business. She acknowledges the challenges of running a small business solo and recognizes the potential of winning the pitch to accelerate growth, particularly in areas like marketing and strategy.

Despite her busy schedule, Jen remains committed to giving back to her community. She donates two percent of sales to the neonatal intensive care unit at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, where her son received care. Additionally, she participates in local events like the Friday Night Social market in Barrie, supporting causes like the Barrie Food Bank through her involvement.

For Jen, entrepreneurship is about more than just running a business—it’s about making a positive impact and fostering community connections. Through her dedication to sun protection and charitable initiatives, she exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship driven by purpose and compassion.

As she continues to grow her business and support her community, Jen’s story serves as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates alike. With determination and a commitment to her values, she’s proving that small businesses can make a big difference in the world.

Re-reported from the article originally published in BARRIETODAY.

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