Monsoon Nail Care
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As the monsoon season arrives, it’s time to give your nails some special attention and embrace trendy nail art designs. Shahnaz Husain, a renowned beauty expert, has shared valuable tips on how to take care of your nails during this season.

During the hot and humid monsoon season, it’s advisable to opt for light and pastel colors for your clothes, and the same applies to your nails. Choose icy, cool, and trendy shades that reflect the serene vibe of the season.

Regular nail care is crucial for their protection and maintaining their appearance, especially considering the risk of fungal infections and itchy conditions caused by detergents. To safeguard your nails, wear rubber gloves while doing washing chores and apply a cream afterward, gently massaging it into the skin around your nails. Taking a few minutes to massage cream onto your nails and the surrounding skin can work wonders. You can also use warm almond oil to soften your cuticles and gently push them back with a cotton bud. Don’t forget to clean beneath your nails using a cotton bud and avoid cutting cuticles or using metal instruments.

When it comes to nail art trends for the monsoon, Shahnaz Husain suggests applying nail varnish in smooth strokes from the base to the tip of the nails. Start with one coat of color on all nails, let it dry, and then apply a second coat.

For the hot and humid weather, pink is an ideal choice, while shimmering silver is perfect for daytime and gold for the evening.

In 2023, trendy colors include silver, chocolate brown, lavender, vibrant blue, jade green, and orange. Subtle and icy colors like pink or mauve are also recommended.

To add some glamour to your nails for a special occasion, consider using nail varnish with glittering stars or opt for unusual colors like green, blue, or purple.

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