This horoscope is based on the Moon sign. The zodiac sign in which the Moon was at the time of a person’s birth, is the same Moon sign. If your Dasha and Antardasha (Ruling planet’s Period) are auspicious, then it will become more auspicious for you. If the Dasha-Antardasha is of an inauspicious planet, then there will be a slight reduction in the auspicious effects. If you do not know the Moon sign, kindly read the horoscope with your name’s first alphabet.

ARIES: Aries (Ch, Che, Cho, La, Li, Le, Lo, and A).
You may have several confusions in mind and find it difficult to concentrate on your work, it’s important not to ignore the expert’s advice. The time is not meant for it. In the case of business, if someone tries to cheat you, being vigilant is the keynote for you. You should maintain your temperament throughout. Be careful when interacting with close relations. This is a good time for financial associations and investments. Be cautious when dealing with new people. Speculative investments are not advised. Personal relations should be handled with a level head and, when necessary, some appeasement. If you are in a love relationship, have faith in your relationship and don’t ask for clarification. Emotional health may be disturbed for a few days.

TAURUS: (Ei, U, O, Li, Vi, Ve, Va and Vo)
The month starts with excessive energy and some aggression in behavior. It may affect the cooperation level on the professional front. Try to change in working pattern to execute your plans. Be careful in business dealings. Making investments in land or assets is foreseen. Avoid investing in shares etc. this month. Avoid taking a decision on 7th August. Personal relations demand extra care this month. Differences on petty issues may affect relationships. For matrimonial alliances month is not favorable. Food habits must be checked, emotional health needs attention this month.

GEMINI: (K, Ki, Kee, Gh, Ch, Ke, KO).
The change in job or working conditions is the feature of the month. New and unique ideas on the professional front may be appreciated, yet time demands extra soft conversation. Avoid relying blindly on anyone between 7th and 16th August, especially in terms of finances. The chances of getting back given money are not there. Personal life may have an issue of understanding. Do not give space to suspicion in relations. Don’t ask for any clarification in a close relationship. Health will be fine.

CANCER: (He, Hu, He, Ho, Da, De, Dee, Do).
The month has instability on the professional front. Avoid reacting to any provocation in case you are in a job. Financial matters must be dealt with extra care in the 2nd week of August. Unexpected expenditures will disturb pre-set plans. Your personal life would be fine, but 2nd half of the month needs clarification. Ego should be left to enjoy a relationship either married or dating someone. This month demands special care of your eating habits. Avoid any addiction as well as spicy food too.

LEO (M, Me, Mi, Ma, Mo, T, Ti, Tee, Ta)
The workload may exhaust you, but a bit of satisfaction would also be there. Do not rely completely on your employees in the case of business. If you are in a plan to purchase a property or change a vehicle, time to make an initiation. The domestic front would give you satisfaction whereas your married life may demand extra patience to deal with. Gastric issues may affect you. Attention must be given to improving the immune system and giving importance to natural sources to improve it.

VIRGO: (To, P, Pe, Pi, Th, Pe, Pee, Po).
Career has good notes in store for you. Performance on the professional front will bring applause for you. In the last week, professional journeys would prove profitable. Financial matters would also give you a reason to enjoy whether you are in a job or have a business. You have the habit of spending money on others as planets indicate. Special attention must be given to the financial transactions between the 9th and 13th of August. Family support would also boost your confidence. Married life would be fine. Health would be fine, but if you are allergic to anything, you must be careful.

LIBRA: (R, Ri, Ro, Ho, Ta, Ti, Tu, Ta)
Your competitors may become more active in the first fortnight and try to take benefit of your hard time. You must exhibit strong willpower. Professional partnerships may disturb you for a while. Your money may be stuck in the first fortnight, whereas the second fortnight would bring a positive for you. Maintaining harmony in personal relations may be a challenging task. Physical and emotional fitness may demand extra care between 18th August and 28th August. You can meditate for some time to come out of all this.

SCORPIO: (To, N, Ne, Ni, No, Ya, Yee, Yu)
Those on the job should be more patient this month as they may have to undergo a difficult time at the workplace, despite some additional responsibilities that may be assigned to them. The efforts made at the workplace may not yield the expected results. You may plan to change the strategies at the workplace. Financial matters will also be average. You may not be able to save much. Married life may demand special attention and balance in personal and professional life. Mental health needs extra care whereas physical fitness may not be an issue yet keep a check on your food intake in 2nd half of the month.

SAGITTARIUS: (Ya, Yo, B, Bhi, Bhee, Bhu, Dha, Fa/Pha, Dha).

The month starts with happy notes professionally, the support is increasing after 10th August, which would enhance your confidence. If you are in business, be careful while dealing with your associates, especially with the opposite sex. Finances would not be an issue for you, an increase in inflow is foreseen, and your past investments may bring a gain for you. On a personal front, you will spend quality time with your partner. Health, of course, needs extra care for the entire month. Avoid eating outside or junk food.

CAPRICORN: (Bho, J, Ji/Jee, Khi/Khee, Khe, Kho, G, Gi/Gee).
There may be an unnecessary discussion with the superiors, understanding with them will be an issue. If you are in business, delays in results will irritate you. Financially, there would be a balance between income and expenditure. Plans for investment may not be materialized this month. You will invest a lot of time in planning for the long term. Domestic disharmony may dilute this month. Try to make some plans for travel with family members. Health would be fine in the first half, but the second half may bring unnecessary stress. Some uneasiness may disturb the schedule.

AQUARIUS : (Gu, Gae, Go, Sa, Si, Su/ Sai, So, D).
In the first half the energetic attitude, and enthusiasm in your working would lead you to a comfortable position whereas the 2nd half may affect the cooperation level with your co-workers. In business, this is high time to achieve whatever you want. Financially, the month will be of gains, despite having the expenditure parallel. You would be able to repay some liabilities, if any. Personal life will be good and support from the father and fatherly figure would bring more comfort. Some health problems may be there, and working for longer hours may create some tiredness.

PISCES: (Dee, Du, Th, Jh, Da, Dai, Cha, Chee).
Do not make any important decisions at the workplace this month. In case it is necessary to go for a second opinion. There may be some unfavorable circumstances. Be careful in financial transactions and must be systematic in your planning. Some expenditure is expected in the get together with your friends in the last week of the month. Improved finances will be a stress booster for you. Your family would lend their support in the 2nd fortnight. Health would be fine emotionally whereas physically you may feel some issues with the excretory system. The liquid intake must be increased.

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