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This horoscope is based on the Moon sign. The zodiac sign in which the Moon was at the time of a person’s birth, is the same Moon sign. If your Dasha and Antardasha (Ruling planet’s Period) are auspicious, then it will become more auspicious for you. If the Dasha-Antardasha is of an inauspicious planet, then there will be a slight reduction in the auspicious effects. If you do not know the Moon sign, kindly read the horoscope with your name’s first alphabet.

ARIES: Aries (Ch, Che, Cho, La, Li, Le, Lo, and A)        

You need to accomplish your targets well in time and make a solid preparation in any case for any presentation. Desired cooperation would not be there, so rely on your abilities. Some financial prospects may be affected and on the other side, an unexpected gain may also be witnessed. Differences of opinion with spouse/beloved may disturb a few days. If you are in business, be careful and soft while dealing with associates. Some travel plans with family would also be expected. Taking care of emotional health, meditation can be helpful.

A gift from you to your valentine.

You hate to be guided and sometimes can be extremely stubborn. Try to change this. You do not have a middle path, you believe in extremism, this way or that way is your style. Try to believe in balanced moves. The warrior inside you raises voices for others now and then. You must understand that everyone is capable of fighting his/her battle, so try not to do so for others.

TAURUS : (Ei, U, O, Li, Vi, Ve, Va and Vo)

Be ready to welcome gifts from superiors in the form of appreciation. You would be given a chance to exhibit your merits. One of the superiors may not like this, so have an open eye at your workplace. Financial gain will be the best part of the second fortnight. Keep a check on your eating habits, must increase your liquid intake. Personal life would be fine, and you would enjoy the leisure trips this month. The domestic front would be problematic.

A gift from you to your valentine.

You have the energy to cut and penetrate both constructively and destructively. Use only the constructive part of it. Try to understand the difference between possessiveness, jealousy, and care in relations. Change your suspicious nature for better relations.

GEMINI : (K, Ki, Kee, Gh, Ch, Ke, KO).

Instead of following others, you must feel confident at your work front. There may be challenges and at one moment you may be the most optimistic person, the next moment, you will give space to the negative thoughts that pop up in your mind. Keep a check on it at the work front in the first fortnight. Avoid speculative investments. Keep a check on the speedometer of your vehicle, while driving. Be careful in reactions between 12th and 14th February positively. Your Valentine will be waiting to make you feel happy in the second fortnight.

A gift from you to your valentine.

You need to have limits on your desires and the height of your mind. Your emotions are unpredictable. Tears and rain release the suffocation and give freshness, work on this. Be foresighted to improve your relations.

CANCER : (He, Hu, He, Ho, Da, De, Dee, Do).

Some professional travels are waiting for you when you make a change in your work position or job. If dealing in business, don’t make big investments in expansion and wait till April 2023 for it. Some financial gains from the maternal family are expected, but your extended family may create some issues for you too. The lack of cooperation from your spouse in the second fortnight would spoil a few days and your mood too. Do not remain empty stomach to avoid gastric issues and should not give space to addiction to anything.

A gift from you to your valentine.

At times you develop pride and arrogance, try to check this. Check the temperamental shoot-ups. Leave the instability of your mind.

LEO (M, Me, Mi, Ma, Mo, T, Ti, Tee, Ta)

It is good to have confidence but don’t turn confidence into overconfidence. You have an upper hand over competitors. If in business, beware of making new partnerships. An old partnership may also have some issues, sort of with politeness. Some financial arrangements must be the need of this month, a possible property investment or four wheelers is foreseen. Personal relations demand extra attention and the reciprocation of feelings, failing which be ready to face the consequences. Some allergy issues may pop up, so be careful. In case of any health issue, consult a physician immediately.

A gift from you to your valentine.

If things do not go as per your wishes, you get annoyed, try to check this aspect. Leave the tendency and urge to lead and control others.

VIRGO  : (To, P, Pe, Pi, Th, Pe, Pee, Po).

The month gives the reason to enjoy the support at every front. Lady luck will be smiling on you but be sure of the softness of speech to receive the smile. Your opponents may vanish with no extra effort. Finance will also be in a stable position; no major ups and downs will be there. Personal relations would be fine for married couples but for unmarried the relationship must be given a second thought. The harshness may spoil your relationship, but it must be kept in mind in any case. Health may be one of the reasons to spoil some of your days. Keep a proper check on your food intake between 19th February and 26th February.

A gift from you to your valentine.

 Sometimes you become very calculative and show thievish tendencies, try to check these. Don’t live in the world of illusion you create yourself. Check the high fluctuations of temperament.

LIBRA : (R, Ri, Ro, Ho, Ta, Ti, Tu, Ta).

The time of getting an appreciation of superiors in the form of financial benefits also shows in the first fortnight. Whereas the second fortnight would not be the same. If you plan to change jobs or the position, this month is not meant for it, wait till April. Financial prospects will be good and unexpected financial gains may boost confidence. Don’t be bold in making investments. This Valentine’s month will not be meant for you for dating or exchanging gifts. If faith is not developed or shown in relationships. The blood pressure must be checked regularly this and in the next month. Restlessness may be in mind which must be thrown out.

A gift from you to your valentine.

Don’t underestimate yourself and want someone’s motivation to explore it. Check your keen desire for materialism and believe in emotions. Leave occasional aggressiveness and quarrelsome attitude.

SCORPIO: (To, N, Ne, Ni, No, Ya, Yee, Yu)

The month is meant for success and satisfaction in both the cases at work and finances. The working hours, of course, increase along with more responsibilities. Do not lose confidence in any case and must be foresighted in this month, especially between 6th February and 17th February. Finance would be fine and some gains can also be expected. Don’t give space to egos in the relationship at either front in married life or at the domestic front. Health may be a reason to be taken care of.

A gift from you to your valentine.

Try to leave the traits of envy, that may keep you isolated in the latter stages. Discontent is a pitfall of your nature, try to leave this. Try to check the desire to dominate and manage everything in your style, and check the arrogance egoism, and irritability in nature.

SAGITTARIUS : (Ya, Yo, B, Bhi, Bhee, Bhu, Dha, Fa/Pha, Dha)

A difficult month for working conditions for some time. Any plan of making change is not advisable this month. Despite having challenges be soft in any case. Some unexpected expenditures may upset the preset budget and your financial planning. If you are in business, it is good for any expansion plan to be executed this month. Personal life would be fine, and you will share some good moments in the family with your spouse. Be careful of your suspicious nature to avoid complications in relationships, especially in the first fortnight of the month. Don’t be pessimistic is the mantra to be in sound health. Avoid spicy food in any case. Don’t let negative thoughts pop up in your mind between the 20th and 23rd of February.

A gift from you to your valentine.

Check the Sarcasm of your speech. With growing success, the ego starts dominating you, developing some balance. Don’t ignore or overlook the feelings of others. Avoid boasting about your achievements.

CAPRICORN: (Bho, J, Ji/Jee, Khi/Khee, Khe, Kho, G, Gi/Gee).

The month starts with an exhibition of your merits, which may convert into financial benefits. Don’t make important decisions in the first fortnight whereas the second fortnight would give you the proper opportunity to plan something new. Finances would be fine, and you can easily handle all the situations. Still, be systematic in the investments. Personal life would demand some attention, and the health of a spouse or children may be one of the reasons to be worried about. Health would be fine, physically not a big issue foreseen, whereas emotionally on occasions there may be some stress.

A gift from you to your valentine.

Don’t be rigid on your principles, and leave an adamant attitude. Make a balance between speaking and listening. Listen to your inner voice which always guides you.

AQUARIUS : (Gu, Gae, Go, Sa, Si, Su/ Sai, So, D).

The month starts with the support of fortune and the full of opportunities that may be in front of you. If in the process of changing, that can be the best month or you can expect the due promotion this month. Finances would be fine you would enjoy outings and some parties too. Spend some money on charities. Personal front needs your attention, your partner may demand time and you may not be able to fulfill the wish. Health would be fine, nothing is foreseen to your physical fitness except some moments of anxiety between the 17th and 23rd of February.

A gift from you to your valentine.

Give a positive outlet to the bundle of energy you have. Don’t speak harsh truths at an inappropriate time. Try to leave the reservations of the mind. Try to concentrate on your looks, appearance, or clothing.

PISCES : (Dee, Du, Th, Jh, Da, Dai, Cha, Chee).

Despite all the challenges coming your way, a protective shell of benefic Jupiter is there to reasons to feel satisfied on each front whether it is professional or financial. The second fortnight would demand extra attention in investment plans. Any of the family issues related to property, need your attention to sort them out. The personal front would also be fine but health needs your care. If you have any issue related to the digestive system, do not ignore it, consult a doctor immediately.

A gift from you to your valentine.

Control the conflicting ideas within the mind and rebellious nature. Leave the passive style and secretive approach. Don’t want a leaning shoulder always, try to be a bit practical.  

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