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Women are making waves in the film industry, not only as actors but also as directors, producers, writers, and more. They are bringing diverse stories, perspectives, and voices to the big screen. Don’t miss these amazing movies of May 2023 that showcase the talent and creativity of women in various aspects of filmmaking. These are the movie picks of the month by SheSIght magazine, your trusted source for women-led narratives.

The little mermaid

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In Disney’s live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid,” Halle Bailey stars as Princess Ariel, a spirited collector of surface treasures. Despite her father King Triton’s disdain for humans, Ariel rescues Prince Eric and falls in love. When forbidden to return to the surface, she strikes a dangerous deal with Ursula, losing her voice in exchange for a chance at true love. With the help of Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle, they must race against time to break the spell.

The Feast of Amrita

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A young girl is plagued by hallucinations and a ringing sound in her ear. One day, she and her friends witness a man jump from a skyscraper but when they go to investigate, they can’t find the body. Soon the hallucinations spread to all of her friends, and they are trapped in a reality they don’t know anything about with no idea how to escape. The Feast of Amrita is directed by Saku Sakamoto, who will be looking to expand upon the success of his first feature film Aragne: Sign of Vermillion with this film. The release date is set for May 26.

Bama Rush

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A young woman began posting on TikTok about their preparations for a rush week at the University of Alabama. The hashtag #BamaRush soon went viral. And why not? The videos were just about everything — funny, absurd, heartfelt, shallow, deep, and compulsively watchable. They became an international phenomenon. The result, “Bama Rush,” is complex, ambitious, and a little bit all over the place.

Bama Rush follows four young women as they prepare to rush at the University of Alabama in 2022. Against the viral backdrop of #BamaRush on TikTok and the long-held tradition of sorority recruitment at the University of Alabama, the film explores the emotional complexities and high stakes of belonging in this crucial window into womanhood.

Love Again

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Love Again is a 2023 American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by James C. Strouse. It is an English-language remake of the 2016 German film SMS für Dich, itself based on a novel by Sofie Cramer. The film stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sam Heughan, and Celine Dion, in her first feature film, portraying a fictionalized version of herself. Coping with the loss of her fiance, Mira Ray sends a series of romantic texts to his old cellphone number, not realizing it was reassigned to journalist Rob Burns. Rob becomes captivated by the honesty of her words in the beautifully constructed texts. When he’s assigned to write a profile of superstar Celine Dion, he enlists her help to figure out how to meet Mira in person and win her heart.


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Hypnotic is a psychological thriller movie directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. The film is centered on a woman trying to restore her life after a traumatic experience and is met by a doctor who suggests hypnotic treatment. While the sessions appear to help her, she begins experiencing memory loss. The cast has Kate Siegel, Jason O’Mara, Dulé Hill, and Lucie Guest in leading roles, and they’ve done a great job. The movie is somewhat predictable and makes you wish the climax was executed differently.


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A Jackfruit Mystery also known as Kathal is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language satirical comedy-drama film written by Ashok Mishra and directed by Yashowardhan Mishra for Netflix. Two exotic breed Kathals (Jackfruit) go missing from the tree, in the garden of an MLA’s house in a small town. Police inspector Mahima is assigned to the case.

The whole police unit is under a lot of pressure to find the kathals before they get ready to eat. The chief suspect is the gardener of the house who was recently fired, but when Mahima finds the gardener, it is discovered that his daughter has been missing for days while the police are ignoring all cases to look for the kathal. Mahima tries to find the gardener’s daughter by tricking people into thinking that kathals are being stolen by her. How Mahima manages to juggle the high profile kathal case and also investigate the missing girl case makes the premise of this light-hearted comedy which is a satire on government

Director Yashowardhan Mishra sheds light on the delicate balance of humor and gravity within his film “Kathal.” Reflecting on a decade-old news incident that initially sparked his imagination, Mishra acknowledged that transforming it into a feature film was once a distant dream. However, after sharing the story with co-producer Guneet Monga Kapoor, they realized the potential for satire and authenticity. Through engaging with female cops and dismantling preconceptions about the police force, Mishra discovered the nuanced shades of society to explore in the film. By maintaining a comedic tone, “Kathal” addresses serious issues while connecting with audiences.

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