Nebraska Women’s Volleyball: A Triumph in Fan Enthusiasm

Image Credit: AP

While Nebraska football’s sellout streak has garnered attention, it’s the Nebraska women’s volleyball team that’s truly stealing the spotlight and redefining what passion in sports looks like. With a world-record-breaking turnout at a recent game, the Nebraska volleyball program has set a shining example of what can happen when a community rallies behind its women athletes.

Led by the highly esteemed coach, John Cook, the Nebraska volleyball team has experienced an era of remarkable triumph. Since 2000, they have clinched four national championships, becoming a dominant force in collegiate volleyball. Cook’s influence on Nebraska’s sporting landscape mirrors that of legendary coaches Tom Osborne and Bob Devaney.

However, it’s not just within the confines of the college arena that these female athletes have made their mark. Several former Huskers, including Justine Wong-Orantes, Kelsey Robinson, and the tournament MVP, Jordan Larson, played pivotal roles in securing the US women’s national team’s Olympic gold medal at the 2021 Tokyo Games. Their accomplishments transcend borders and unite communities, making them true role models for aspiring athletes.

In stark contrast, Nebraska football has faced its own set of challenges over the past two decades. Multiple coaching changes, legal disputes over COVID restrictions, and inconsistent performance on the field have left fans craving the electric atmosphere that once defined Memorial Stadium.

As the football team prepares for another season, the spotlight remains on the volleyball program. Recent headlines have showcased the volleyball team on the front pages of local newspapers, a striking departure from the typical football fervor on opening day.

The Nebraska women’s volleyball team serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible potential and accomplishments of women in sports. Their dedication, talent, and the unwavering support they receive from fans have reignited the conversation about what truly matters in Nebraska sports.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Deadspin

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