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Calgary Traffic Reporter Shuts Down Body-Shamer on Live TV

Calgary traffic reporter Leslie Horton responded brilliantly to a body-shaming comment she received via email just before starting her live report. The email sarcastically congratulated her on a pregnancy and criticized her attire, suggesting she looked like an old bus driver. In her on-air response, Horton revealed that she had lost her uterus to cancer the previous year, emphasizing that this is what women her age look like. She calmly addressed the offensive remark, advising the sender to reconsider the impact of such emails.

Global News in Calgary, Horton’s workplace, not only supported her but also shared the incident on social media, where it gained widespread acclaim. Many praised Horton for her quick-witted and composed response to the body-shaming comment. The incident shed light on the issue of online trolling and the challenges faced by female broadcasters.

Horton, who had received previous derogatory messages from the same individual, explained that she usually refrained from responding to trolls. However, this time, her visceral reaction led her to address the situation on air. She highlighted the recurring attempts by the sender to humiliate and hurt her, emphasizing the need to challenge such mistreatment of female broadcasters and women in general.

Addressing her decision to respond, Horton mentioned that the incident likely struck a nerve due to the broader mistreatment of female broadcasters. She received overwhelming support from people who recognized the injustice and called for an end to such behavior.

When asked about her future wardrobe choices, especially regarding the criticized pants, Horton asserted that she would continue wearing them and appearing on TV. She emphasized that negative comments about her appearance wouldn’t change her self-perception, expressing resilience against ageist and body-shaming remarks.

The incident sparked discussions about the challenges faced by women in the media industry and the importance of standing up against online harassment. Horton’s firm response resonated with many, prompting a broader conversation about promoting respect and dignity, especially in the public sphere.

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