Nisha Paliwal: A SheSight Special on Leadership and Visionary Journey

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In this special feature, SheSight is delighted to present a compelling conversation between Deepa Kartha and Nisha Paliwal. Deepa, a friend and advisor to SheSight, is the founder of the Journyz SuperApp. Meanwhile, Nisha Paliwal stands as a trailblazing leader in banking technology, currently serving as the Managing Vice President at Capital One. Join us in exploring Nisha’s passion for technology, her commitment to mentoring women in leadership, and her recent accomplishments, including the exciting experience of closing the bell at NASDAQ with Wings for Growth.

Nisha shared a glimpse into her life, juggling roles as a mom and the Managing Vice President at Capital One in Virginia. Her work involves overseeing various aspects of data management, from its intake to ensuring it’s ready for use. Describing herself as a change agent and visionary, Nisha expressed her love for building things that add value to the industry. Beyond her corporate role, she passionately contributes to three nonprofit organizations, including Boolean Girls and Code VA, focusing on nurturing leadership in young minds. Interestingly, her 14-year-old is part of Boolean Girls.

Deepa: Can you tell us about your career journey and what led you to focus on data in banking technology?

Nisha: My career journey has been a series of life curves that continuously threw me into different paths. Initially a master’s graduate in microbiology, I transitioned into technology, starting with object-oriented programming. Over the years, I’ve worked in various roles, from small companies to big corporations, eventually finding my way into banking technology. I’ve been in data for about 18 months now, leading enterprise data platforms at Capital One. My passion lies in solving complex engineering problems, and data, being the new gold, presents an exciting challenge in today’s tech-driven world.

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Deepa: You mentioned being a change agent and visionary. How do you approach leadership and working with your teams?

Nisha: Leadership, to me, is anchored in authenticity and transparency. I believe in being true to who I am, whether at home or work. Boldness in disruption and speaking the truth are integral to my leadership style. I aim to bring everyone along in the journey through constant communication and transparency. The key is understanding that everyone is different, and as a leader, it’s crucial to connect with individuals authentically, making them feel seen and valued.

Deepa: You’re deeply involved in mentoring women in leadership roles. What drives this passion, and how do you approach mentorship?

Nisha: Losing my sister seven years ago amplified my commitment to impacting lives positively. I mentor women because I believe in contributing to the growth of the next generation of leaders. Authenticity, transparency, and understanding individual needs are key principles in my mentoring approach. I’m involved with nonprofits like Boolean Girls and Code VA, focusing on empowering young girls in STEM education. The vision is to create a seamless thread of education from elementary school to corporate America.

Deepa: Your recent venture involves co-authoring a book on artificial intelligence. Can you share more about the book and who should read it?

Nisha: The book aims to provide a practical framework for individuals and organizations looking to reap value from AI. It covers a wide range of industries and applications, making it relevant for marketers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in leveraging AI. The book incorporates contributions from 14 industry experts and focuses on real-world examples and frameworks for successful AI implementation.

Deepa: What’s next for you in your career journey?

Nisha: I embrace the concept of being “hyperstitious,” combining hyper and superstitious, believing that whatever you think will happen. Exploring the intersection of neuroscience, AI, and humanity, along with data, is an exciting frontier for me. I live for today and remain open to whatever the future holds. Collaboration and contribution will continue to be guiding principles in my journey.

As we wrap up this enlightening feature, our heartfelt gratitude goes to Nisha Paliwal for graciously sharing her journey and insights with SheSight. Nisha’s dedication to technology, leadership, and nurturing future leaders is truly commendable. Her ongoing exploration of new frontiers reflects the essence of a genuine leader and catalyst for change. With a future vision rooted in collaboration and contribution, Nisha’s story inspires us all. We express our thanks to Nisha for being a vital part of SheSight’s feature, and we eagerly look forward to the continued impact of her remarkable endeavors.

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