Note from the Editor- April’23

Note from the Editor- April'23
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Dear readers,

As I step into the month of April, I am thrilled to bring to you the latest edition of SheSight Magazine. Our cover story for this month celebrates two remarkable women, Kartiki and Guneet, who recently won the Oscar Award. Their story of success and perseverance is truly inspiring, and I hope it motivates and encourages all of us to pursue our dreams with passion.

In this edition, we have an array of content, including the celebration of International Fun Day at work, a look at the world of social media influencers, and the observance of Stress Awareness Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

We also bring you a glimpse into the lives of women in sports, their journey, and their achievements. In addition, we highlight women who have made a mark in history, and some wise reflections on eco-feminism, which is gaining momentum worldwide.

I take you on a visual journey to the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range and also explore the world of books, as we celebrate World Book Day. Wait, there’s more! We explore the healing power of laughter to celebrate International Moment of Laughter Day. Additionally, we’ve also included some fun-filled ideas to celebrate International Carrot Day.

We have also focused on some important topics, such as distracted driving awareness, and breaking career gaps for women. We also bring you some exciting film recommendations that spotlight the stories of incredible women. As part of our exploration of the effects of father absenteeism, we’ve included a powerful poem written by a teenager that offers a unique perspective on the subject.

To brighten up your day, I present you with intriguing interviews featuring a talented young female scientist and a highly impactful tattoo artist along with some tips on jewelry and wardrobe basics. And, not to forget, we have some exciting prank ideas for you to celebrate April Fool’s Day!

I hope that our April edition of SheSight Magazine offers you a range of topics to keep you informed, inspired, and entertained.

Till next time, keep slaying and living your best life!



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