You are the epitome of sacrifice

And God has knowingly made this choice

You could have become, Buddha

But could you leave your child

You could never become as big as Ram

But you could never ask your husband to jump in fire wild

You were amongst those who went through pain for Christ

But Maria Magdalene, you never got the respite

They have hammered the thought that you are born to sacrifice

All your life and through ages you have been paying the price

You gave up on career, you took a backseat on your desire

You were blamed if family faltered, you walked on thin wire

The fact remains – Inspite of whatever if’s and but’s

It was Eve who was the reason of the existence, Adam had no guts

Why do we fail to mention women in glory

Why do we always have 

“History” and not “Herstory”

Mr. Alok Meshram  

Banker and head of Sales and Marketing for a prominent company. 

Additionally, Poet, Shayar, Content writer, a percussionist, involved with NGO Akansha for supporting events in charity-related causes.



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