Just when I was thinking of plopping down on my bed, totally exhausted, I realized one thing! My day had been busier than usual but at the same moment, got a realization that it kept me away from unnecessary thoughts. Though the major highlight of the exhausting day was searching for a Warranty Card for my mobile phone and my mom’s accident policy (that was a last-minute request), the day just passed by like a bullet train with occasional halts for evening snacks and dinner.

Well along with the search I ended up cleaning and sorting out my document’s cabinet and my wardrobe space. Call it my OCD but I like things to be neatly stacked and labeled as per category. I had been procrastinating it for a long time as I work night shifts and the weekends are spent catching up on lost sleep (a new hobby I developed ever since I became a parent of a hyperactive kid; I can catch up on a few snoozes standing upright. Bam! New skillset) But then man, cleaning up and sorting stuff felt so good and satisfying.

So, in the last waking moment of my day, I realized this busy day was so amazing. I did not get a minute to overthink anything and more than satisfying it made me happy. Happy, just for no reason, and in this moment of introspection and delight made me realize, how much we take something mundane, for granted!! This busier-than-normal day made me much happier than meeting up with friends or just being a gluttonous pig on my regular weekends.

I must say, when my mom asked me to search for her accident policy I was a bit irritated and even thought, instead of spending time with friends over coffee and a little bit of gossip (don’t we all need that), I was assigned the boring task of searching for a document! I was almost sure that it was not with me, but after searching I understood the fact!! It was with me! Before retiring for the night, completing all my kitchen chores, rounding up the trash, and discarding those, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and chanced upon a post on gratitude, it dawned on me like an epiphany. Just two days before I was crying my eyes out as I was down in the dumps for no reason at all and here I am today, feeling content with a busy day! I am grateful for this day’s learning!

Sometimes we don’t understand the importance of simple and small things in our lives. What do you think? I am indeed thankful to my mom and my mobile phone (which decided to go ‘kaput’) for keeping me busy through the day. We also have to understand the role of the universe and how things and situations play out. Some things have to happen for a reason. We may not understand the reason at that particular moment, however, the universe has its ways of showing us how and why certain things have to happen in a particular way and at a particular time. This one busy day of my life taught me how we forget to be grateful for something as simple as any other busy day in our lives. Hence, we have to learn to go with the flow of life and avoid overthinking or wondering why things aren’t going our way. Gratitude is a powerful thing and so is being present in the moment. So just say thank you and close your eyes before you drift off to sleep tonight and every night going forward. Just do it! (yeah, let’s go the Nike way)

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