Parineeti Chopra earns the title of Master scuba diver


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Parineeti Chopra has shared her 9 years of journey of becoming a master scuba diver.

Chopra on attaining her nine-year-old dream to acquire the title of a master scuba diver has shared a video on social media to describe her story of how she started diving as a hobby and then pursued it as a passion to becoming a master scuba diver after scrutinous training and practice. 

The video summarises glimpses of her life as a scuba diver. In the video, she says, “Life they say is what you make of it. What started off as a hobby, soon turned into one of my deepest passions. Taking time out from hectic schedules, undergoing rigorous training and rescue sessions, and going on countless dives… I wanted to do it all. And today, nine years and hundreds of dives later, I have finally achieved the title of a master scuba diver. “

Posting the video on Instagram, Parineeti wrote in the caption, “I’m now a MASTER SCUBA DIVER!!! It is an absolutely surreal feeling! My dream of nine years has finally come true… All those years of focus, rescue training, and hard work have paid off!”

Image Credit: Parineeti Chopra Instagram

Expressing gratitude to her instructors, she added, “I’m truly honored and cannot thank @paditv enough for their constant support, training, and help in my journey! You are like family now. Also, thank you Anees and Shameen Adenwala for teaching me everything I know. You are my dive parents forever! @scubanees @shameenadenwala. Cannot wait to go diving again.”

Fans showered praise in comments for her accomplishment.

In addition, Parineeti received the OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER AWARD in “Arts, Entertainment and Culture”  at the India UK Achievers Honours (a Celebration of 75 Indian outstanding achievers who have studied in the UK on India’s 75th anniversary).

Parineeti, a National Film Award winner, is a well-known artist who has received numerous awards and accolades. Since 2013, she has been included in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

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