Positive Effects a Working Mom Has on Her Children


Are working moms better or stay-at-home moms? Find out…

Oftentimes, when a woman leaves her career after marriage or childbirth the excuse given is that they are doing that to nurture their family. But don’t working moms nurture their families too… Just that they do it in a different, more effective way. Sometimes working mothers raise better kids than stay-at-home moms do. Here is why:

1.       Working Moms Make Good Role Models.

 Working moms are good role models for kids. The kids can watch their mom do a competent job in her area and work and get inspired by her. The kids, especially the daughter, will aim to become like their mother and focus on their career later in their lives. The sons would also not want their future wives to sacrifice their careers for anything because they have seen their mother happily achieving success in both her career and home life.

2.       Working Moms Raise More Independent Kids

Working moms would not have time to do every single thing for their kids. And hence they will delegate the job to the kids and the husband. The kids will learn how to do basic things by themselves at an early age itself. They will have better life skills.

 3.       Working Moms are Less Prone to Depression 

Statistics show that a stay-at-home mom is more prone to depression than a working mom. The stay-at-home moms do not have much in their life other than their house chores and TV Serials, and hence they are prone to get more and more depressed as years go by. Although children may not notice this when they are really young, they will gain nothing good from having a depressed mother.

4.       The Working Mom is less likely to do ‘Parenting Police’ 

Every parent is concerned about how much time to spend with their children and how well to take care of them. A sensible working mom will be able to give their kids the space they need and not control them as much.

5.       Working Moms Kids May Do Better at School

An intelligent working mom would be able to monitor their children’s studies and tutor them better than a simpleton stay-at-home mom. Though that is not always the case, it is more likely that a working mom’s children would be better at school than a stay-at-home mom’s children.

6.       Working Moms’ Kids Have Fewer Behavioral Problems

Many believe that not spending enough time with their children will make them spoiled. But research shows that working mothers’ children have fewer behavioral problems than stay-at-home mothers’ children.

7.       Both Parents Earning Will Help the Family’s Finances

Both father and mother employed means the family income will increase that much. That means better education and other facilities for the kids, which will keep the kids happy, healthy and well educated.

Will you still say that a stay-at-home mom is a better mother since she is dedicating all her time to her family and children? Or is a working mom the true Super Mom?

-Staff Reporter

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