Queen Camilla to Temporarily Step Back from Royal Responsibilities

Queen Camilla
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After the recent announcement regarding King Charles III‘s cancer diagnosis, it was anticipated that Prince William would assume his father’s duties while he underwent treatment. However, Prince William is contending with family health issues of his own, as his wife, Kate Middleton, continues to recover from a planned abdominal surgery performed in January.

Stepping into the forefront to manage royal obligations that others cannot fulfill, particularly in adverse weather conditions, is Queen Camilla.

According to reports from the Sunday Times, Queen Camilla will abstain from all engagements until March 11, when she is expected to attend the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. At this event, she will represent Charles and lead the royal family. The Commonwealth Day service commemorates the alliance of 56 independent member countries spanning Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Americas, the Pacific, and Europe. Notably, the service typically includes the full royal family, although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been absent in recent years.This year, Charles and Middleton will also be absent from the ceremony.

Now, the responsibility falls on royal siblings Princess Anne and Prince Edward to fill in for Queen Camilla. In the upcoming days, they will attend various events, including those at the Rising Brook Community Church, Savoy Chapel, the Right Stuff Amateur Boxing Club, and the National Equine Forum.

Meanwhile, Queen Camilla will spend the week with the king and her own family before resuming her duties next Monday. A royal source shared with the Times that while she did not anticipate leading the family, Queen Camilla is fully committed to supporting the institution and is prepared to fulfill any necessary tasks.

Repurposed article originally published in Vanity Fair

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