Queen’s Gambit: Vaishali Rameshbabu Checks in with Prestigious Arjuna Award

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In the quiet confines of Chennai, a young queen has conquered her own checkered battlefield. Vaishali Rameshbabu, at 23, holds a crown more powerful than any captured rook. She received the coveted Arjuna Award, India’s highest sporting honor for her achievements in chess.

The Beginning

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Vaishali’s story isn’t just about brilliance on 64 squares, it’s a family saga woven with dedication and sibling rivalry. Her journey began early, under the watchful eyes of her father, Ramesh, a passionate chess coach. In their modest home, the rhythmic click of pieces became a lullaby, the board a tapestry of dreams. It was here, amidst stacks of chess books, that Vaishali and her elder brother, Praggnanandhaa, embarked on their parallel trajectories to chess glory.

Their childhood was a blur of tournaments, victories, and the constant murmur of analysis. Every move made, every game lost, was dissected and strategized over steaming cups of chai. Competing against each other, Vaishali and Praggnanandhaa honed their skills, pushing each other to greater heights. At times, the sibling rivalry simmered a perfect mix of admiration and competitiveness, becoming a catalyst for their growth. The chessboard became their arena, each victory a testament to their individual tenacity and their shared love for the game.


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However, Vaishali’s path wasn’t without its own unique challenges. Juggling a rigorous academic schedule with grueling training hours, she found solace in chess. It was her mother, Malarvizhi, who became her quiet anchor, a gentle guiding force. She ensured that education and life outside the board remained an integral part of her journey.

Vaishali climbed the ranks, securing a coveted International Master title at 15 and the Grandmaster title at 17. This gave birth to inevitable comparisons with her brother. While Praggnanandhaa’s meteoric rise captured headlines, Vaishali, the quietly focused queen, carved her own path. Her playing style, a blend of positional precision and tactical acumen, made her a formidable opponent. She is capable of outmaneuvering even the most seasoned grandmasters.

Recent Achievements

Vaishali Rameshbabu Arjuna Award
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Her 2023 was a masterclass in dominance. She won a silver medal at the Asian Games and made crucial contributions to India’s historic gold at the Chess Olympiad. This cemented her place among the chess elite. And then came the crowning moment – the Arjuna Award, held by her father with beaming pride, a tangible recognition of her dedication and talent.

Vaishali’s achievement resonates far beyond the squares of the chessboard. It’s a victory for every young girl who dares to dream on a dusty lane. It’s a testament to the power of unwavering focus and quiet confidence and a victory for family.

As Vaishali sets her sights on the next frontier, one can’t help but wonder what bold gambits will she play next. In the rich landscape of Indian chess, she stands as a champion and a queen, each of her moves igniting inspiration for the aspiring queens of the next generation.

-Aditya Arun, a sports management Master’s graduate, is a versatile athlete, sports manager, and polyglot with diverse industry expertise.

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