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In cricket-dominated India, motorsports often struggle for attention, especially for women in the field. Aleena Mansur, a 13-year-old Supercross racer, is breaking through these challenges and making a mark. Amid her debut in the Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL), Aleena shared insights into the hurdles she faces as a female racer and a Muslim in India.

Speaking exclusively with, Aleena highlighted the cultural expectations she faces due to her Muslim identity. She expressed frustration about societal expectations, stating, “Being a Muslim, you are expected to dress up in a certain way. My relatives expect me to wear a Burka and do household chores, and that annoys me.”

Despite these challenges, Aleena takes pride in being among the first Indian females to participate in Supercross racing. Her love for the sport stems from the exhilaration of speed and flight. “I love to fly, and on these bikes, I fly, and that excites me about the sport. I am also one of the first females to be doing something like this, and I take a lot of pride in that,” she expressed during the ISRL event in Pune.

However, Aleena also shed light on the financial constraints associated with motorsports. Acknowledging her father’s unwavering support, she revealed the sacrifices made to sustain her passion. “My father has been very supportive throughout my journey. He was the one who went against all our relatives to help me continue my passion. It is an expensive sport, and my father had to also sell off a house to support my finances,” she explained.

Despite enduring injuries, including five fractures, Aleena remains committed to her racing journey with the backing of her supportive father. Looking ahead, she expressed hope for a positive shift in her financial situation and popularity following her participation in the Indian Supercross Racing League as part of the SG Speed Racers team.

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