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Radhika Apte is a name that needs no introduction in the entertainment industry. The versatile actress has always managed to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with her impeccable acting skills. This time, she is all set to stun her fans with her upcoming film, ‘Mrs. Undercover’, where she plays the role of a housewife during the day and a spy at night.

The film promises to be a thrilling ride for the viewers as it showcases the story of a woman who leads a double life. On the surface, she is a simple housewife who takes care of her family, but in reality, she is a spy who is on a mission to save her country.

Radhika Apte has always been vocal about her desire to take up challenging roles and ‘Mrs. Undercover’ seems to be the perfect fit for her. In a recent interview, she revealed that she had to undergo extensive training to prepare for the role of a spy. She had to learn various forms of martial arts and also had to work on her physical fitness to do justice to the role.

The film is directed by Anushree Mehta and produced by Ishka Films and VCC Productions. The makers of the film have promised that the film will be a blend of action, drama, and suspense, and will keep the audience hooked till the very end.

As women, we are often expected to conform to certain roles and stereotypes, and ‘Mrs. Undercover’ breaks those stereotypes by showcasing a woman who is strong, independent, and capable of taking on any challenge that comes her way. It is a story that will inspire and empower women all around the world.

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