Ramabai Latpate: Woman Travels 80,000km in Saree

Image Source: DNA

This story is about the remarkable journey of Ramabai Latpate, an Indian woman who has traveled 80,000 km across 40 countries on her motorcycle while wearing a saree. Latpate, who is from Pune, India, has been passionate about riding motorcycles since her youth. She started her journey in 2014, to explore different cultures and break stereotypes about women in India.

Latpate’s experiences on her journey, include her encounters with different people and cultures. She has faced challenges along the way, such as extreme weather conditions and mechanical issues with her bike. However, Latpate has persevered and continued her journey, with the support of her family and friends.

Latpate’s efforts to promote road safety and empower women through her journey are commendable. She has conducted workshops on road safety in schools and colleges and has also been a role model for women who aspire to break gender stereotypes and pursue their passions.

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