Ratna Pathak Shah says ‘sadi hui formula films’ not working anymore, actors of all ages getting work

Image Source: Bollywood

Renowned Indian actress Ratna Pathak Shah has recently expressed her opinion on the current state of the Indian film industry. According to her, the traditional formulaic approach to filmmaking, which relied heavily on tried-and-tested tropes and stereotypes, is no longer effective in today’s age.

In her view, audiences are becoming more discerning and are seeking more nuanced and layered storytelling. She believes that filmmakers need to challenge themselves to create more thought-provoking content that engages viewers on multiple levels.

Furthermore, she also notes that the age-old bias towards young and glamorous actors is slowly but surely fading away. Nowadays, actors of all ages and backgrounds are finding work, as long as they have the talent and skills to bring characters to life on screen.

This represents a significant shift from the past, where actresses over a certain age were often relegated to stereotypical roles such as the ‘mother’ or ‘aunt.’ Today, we see a growing number of films and web series that feature complex, multi-dimensional female characters, played by actors of all ages and backgrounds.

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