Spain’s Crown Princess Leonor to start three-year military training

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According to a recent CNN report, Spain’s Crown Princess Leonor will soon begin military training as part of her education. The news was announced by the Spanish royal family in a statement released on Monday.

Leonor, who is currently 17 years old, will start the military program at the Spanish Armed Forces Academy in Zaragoza in May. The course is expected to last for one month and will involve theoretical and practical training in areas such as leadership, citizenship, and defense.

The Spanish royal family has a long tradition of military service, and the decision to enroll Leonor in this program is seen as a way to prepare her for her future role as head of state. In Spain, the monarch is also the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and it is expected that Leonor will assume this role when she becomes queen.

The announcement has sparked a debate in Spain, with some praising the move as a way to instill values of discipline and duty in the young princess, while others have criticized it as an unnecessary display of privilege and an outdated tradition.

The Spanish Armed Forces Academy has confirmed that Leonor will be treated like any other cadet during her training and will be subject to the same rules and regulations as her peers.

In recent years, the Spanish royal family has been the subject of controversy and criticism due to scandals involving former King Juan Carlos, who abdicated in 2014, and his daughter, Princess Cristina, who was found guilty of tax fraud in 2017.

Leonor is widely seen as a symbol of hope for the future of the Spanish monarchy, and her military training is seen as a way to prepare her for the challenges that lie ahead.

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