Revolutionizing Khadi: A Haryana Woman’s Fashion Odyssey

Image Credit: News18

Mitu Saluja, a fearless entrepreneur from Haryana, has carved an inspiring path in the world of fashion. From a young age, her passion for Khadi drove her to envision its global prominence. Despite the prevailing practice of ghunghat during her marriage, Mitu’s husband stood as her unwavering pillar of support, enabling her to pursue her dream of fashion design.

With determination, Mitu blended Khadi’s elegance with bridal wear, breathing new life into the traditional fabric. Her innovative approach not only kindled the interest of the youth but also contributed to the “Make in India” initiative, championing eco-friendliness due to Khadi’s minimal water consumption during production. This sparked international demand, especially in the US and Canada.

Mitu’s audacity in showcasing Khadi as wedding attire on fashion runways, backed by the Indian government, left everyone astonished. Her bespoke bridal ensembles and youthful Khadi line gained immense praise. Mitu humbly acknowledges that success demands unwavering commitment and hard work.

Her journey exemplifies the power of persistent endeavors, solidifying her unique position in the fashion industry. Mitu Saluja continues to captivate with her creative designs, showing that dedication yields positive outcomes.

Re-reported from the article originally published in News18

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