Sakshi Malik Announces Retirement as Sanjay Singh Takes WFI Helm

Sakshi Malik's Retirement
Image Credit : DNA

Olympic bronze medalist Sakshi Malik has declared her retirement from wrestling, a decision that comes in response to the election of Sanjay Singh as the president of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI). The unexpected announcement was made during a press conference in New Delhi, where Malik expressed gratitude to the people who supported the protests earlier in the year.

Sakshi Malik shared her perspective, stating, “In the end, we slept for 40 days on the roads, but I’d like to thank the several people of our country who came to support us during the protests earlier this year. If Brij Bhushan Singh’s business partner and a close aide is elected as the president of WFI, I quit wrestling…”

The election took an unexpected turn with the appointment of Prem Chand Lochab as the secretary-general, despite his perceived affiliation with the protesting wrestlers.

The contentious election outcome and Sakshi Malik’s subsequent retirement highlight the deep-seated divisions within the wrestling community. Sakshi Malik’s retirement announcement serves as a notable moment, signaling her objection to the election results and the perceived influence of individuals closely associated with Brij Bhushan Singh.

The aftermath of these events leaves the wrestling fraternity in a state of flux, with questions arising about the future direction of the Wrestling Federation of India and the potential impact on the sport.

Repurposed article originally published in DNA India

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