Selling Chaats is Not A Shame: Punjab Girl Becomes Role Model For Many By Starting Her Stall To Support Her Education


In a video going viral, a young girl from Mohali is seen to be selling Golgappe and Chaat to support her education.

If you are determined to do something in life, then nothing is impossible and Poonam from Chandigarh proves this. She set up a golgappa stall in the city so she can earn money to continue her studies.

After leaving her job in a dental clinic, Poonam had to find a way out to support her studies. Thus, she started selling golgappas on the streets of Mohali. Eventually, her family was not happy with her decision and was against this work and the reason behind this was various societal norms. Despite this, she went on with her plan and started selling golgappas. According to her, she never thought of doing something like this but her destiny had taken a turn so differently that she had to do this work in the end and she was not ashamed of selling golgappas and earning money because it’s pure hard work she’s putting into and there’s nothing wrong about it. 

Recently, a noted food vlogger Harry Uppal visited her stall and spoke to Poonam about her business. She explained that to sustain herself, she opened a chaat stall. Talking to Harry Uppal, she said, “I have not learned anything, what I am doing, I am doing it myself.” Though she was initially reluctant, she felt there was no shame in earning money this way. The video was shared with a caption that reads, “Mohali Girl sells Golgappe to Support her Education!”

Since being shared, the video has received around 8 million views and thousands of likes and comments. The video has gone viral on social media and netizens are inspired by her example. Her hard work and honesty have won people’s hearts and many enquired about the street food vendor’s location so that they could support her business

by Shyma

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