She Became an IAS Officer and Got Justice for her Father’s Death After 31 Years of Struggle

IAS Officer Kinjal Singh’s inspiring story as she brought her father’s murderers to justice after 31 years. 


IAS Officer Kinjal Singh’s inspiring story as she brought her father’s murderers to justice after 31 years. 

Kinjal Singh’s father, DSP Singh was killed in a fake encounter 31 years back. And as a kid, instead of playing like her other friends, Kinjal and her sister spent hours accompanying their mother to the court. But they did not get justice until 31 years later.

Kinjal studied hard and got into Delhi’s esteemed Lady Shri Ram College but this was when another tragedy struck the two daughters. Their mother got diagnosed with cancer. After an intense battle with her disease, their mother passed away,  but only after she was sure that both her daughters were going to become IAS officers. 

Kinjal said in an interview, “I am proud of my father who was an honest officer and my mother who proved to be a strong single parent and a stronger widow who stood up against the injustice done to her husband.”

After her mother’s death, Kinjal soon returned to give her final exams in her college. Soon after her graduation, she also brought along her younger sister, Pranjal Singh, to Delhi. Together, they completely focused their attention on preparing for the UPSC exam. They both cleared the UPSC examination in 2007 with Kinjal securing the 25th rank and Pranjal securing the 252nd rank.

Kinjal and her sister Pranjal then dedicated their energy towards their lifelong goal to get those behind their father’s murder arrested. Their determination was so strong that it shook the entire justice system, eventually leading to a verdict in their favour. In 2013, after 31 years of their struggle, the CBI special court in Lucknow penalised all the 18 perpetrators behind their father DSP Singh’s murder.

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