Sisters’ Vegan Ice Cream With No Added Sugar Is a Hit


Shivanie Mirchandani and Gayatri Rattha from Delhi turned their homemade ice cream recipe into a booming gelato business called Minus 30

Minus 30 Ice Cream

Image Credits: The Better India

Shivanie Mirchandani and Gayatri Rattha from Delhi turned their homemade ice cream recipe into a booming gelato business called Minus 30

Image Credits: HerStory

As Kids Shivanie Mirchandani and Gayatri Rattha would often enjoy a cup of ice cream. But these ice creams were not store-bought, but they were made by their mother in her own kitchen. They would often send the homemade ice cream to some of their friends and they really liked them too. This is how the idea of selling the ice cream came to the sisters. Gayatri who always loved cooking went to Italy, to learn the art of making gelato. And after returning, she and Shivanie started their own ice cream brand – Minus 30 (Since Gelato freezes at minus 30 Degree Celsius). This sugar-free vegan ice cream is now a hit in various cities of India. 

The artisanal, homegrown gelato brand boomed during the pandemic and witnessed a staggering 300 per cent growth in revenue, translating to orders amassing 90,000 litres of ice cream per month. 

Though they started from humble beginnings of making the ice cream in their own home kitchen with only one delivery guy, they saw that the customer retention of their brand is high. The customers who got a taste of Minus 30 ice creams loved to come back for more. Initially, the business was only in Delhi and the NCR area. They wanted to ensure the quality of the ice cream since they were selling a temperature-sensitive product. 

But eventually, they expanded to Mumbai, and then the pandemic hit. But what they expected to be a roadblock turned out to be a blessing, as people were ordering more ice-creams during the pandemic. The business grew and expanded. They have various flavours of sugar-free, vegan ice creams like Coconut, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, French Vanilla, Green Tea Matcha, Strawberry, Pistachio and Mint Chocolate. The owners claim that their product is super healthy as it contains 30% less sugar compared to other ice cream brands. Also, the simplicity of the ingredients they use reflects in the taste and the product as a whole. 

Minus 30 is now a loved ice cream brand among its customers, with over 18,000 followers on Instagram. Now, Minus 30 has business in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Goa, and Dehradun, and opened a manufacturing unit in Chennai where they sell gelatos. The vegan ice cream is priced at Rs 1,000 for a 500 ml/tub. 

The sister duo believe that while they are growing the company, they are also growing the brand. For budding entrepreneurs, Shivanie has a message. “If you work hard and if you give it your best then nothing is impossible.”

Credits: The Better India

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