Solo Travel For Women: How To Stay Safe


In this post-pandemic world, people are eager to step out of their comfort zone and embark on a voyage to explore the unexplored, especially women. The craze for solo travel is nothing new, however with each passing year the number of women interested in solo travelling is rising rapidly. 

Solo travel brings an individual the experience of a lifetime. As you explore the outside world; you get to explore within yourself too. When you’re away from all your worries and distresses from everyday life and spend time with only yourself, it brings you peace, self-realisation, and enlightenment. However, the first and foremost thing that gets in the way of solo travelling is the safety concern. Studies show that several women do not opt for solo travel only because they’re concerned about their safety and security. Travelling alone may bring you an exhilarating experience, only if you’re smart enough to take the safety precautions. 

Here are some ways you can be safe while travelling alone:

1.Do Your Research Thoroughly

We usually do a minimal amount of research before travelling to a new place. But, while travelling alone, you need to do a thorough research. For instance, how’s the locality around your hotel, is there any particular place that has a bad reputation for crime, is it safe to go outside after dark among others. And make sure you’re aware of the public transport system, currency, and a few phrases in the local language. 

2. Reach Out To Other Travellers 

If you’re staying at a hostel or sharing accommodation with other travellers, make sure you exchange numbers so that you’ve a contact to call if something goes wrong. 

3. Pack Your Luggage Wisely

One thing you must avoid is over packing. Try to keep your luggage light so that you can move around freely and don’t need to take someone’s help to carry your luggage up the staircase or onto public transport. Don’t carry valuable bags or jewellery with you and always try to blend in with the local people. And make sure you carry all the travel essentials while travelling solo. 

4. Use Public Transport

A lot of the places have good public transport facilities. In such places try to use public transport as much as possible as they’re usually busy and covered with CCTV. However, if you’re travelling to a place where the public transportation is not good, in this situation when you book a cab or taxi make sure you take a photo of the number plate and send a screenshot of your booking to a friend or fellow traveller. 

5. Have Your Accommodation Address Written Down

You’ll need to have your accommodation address written down if you’re travelling to a place where you don’t speak or understand the native language. Especially in the countries that don’t use English alphabets. In such circumstances, if you get into any trouble you can show the address to any native or non-English speaker, and they’ll direct you to your accommodation. 

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