The art enthusiasts, Gopika and Gayathri have art in their genes, and they had to just take  it from within. Their mom and grand mom had art and craft as their pastime, and indulged in creative pursuits whenever they found ample time in their hands. So since their birth, for these twin sisters, art has been their life and breath. After finishing their academics, Gopika and Gayathri, got into careers in IT and banking sector, respectively. When they took a break from the career while building up the family, little did they know that they will turn to be a full time artists. Whatever time they had after the family needs turned into beautiful creations in their hand. So they decided to exhibit their works, and the women of the four generations came together and did two exhibitions  in Cochin, Kerala In Darbar hall and the One Art Gallery.   Those exhibitions were really a motivation for these twin sisters and they wanted to know more and learn on arts. ‘Meraki’ was thus formed to showcase and sell artefacts made by Gopika, Gayathri and their mother Sushma Das.

Gopika had to move to Thane, Maharashtra 4 years back. Mumbai the City of dreams, became a breeding ground for innovation and new ideas and helped her learn to go more in depth   of arts. She did her first exhibition in Mumbai along with many eminent and trained artists. She represented India among 44 Indians in 4th Survival Art Fest in Naples, Italy. She was selected as one among 500 Emerging artists of India by art curators called Kalanirvana. She also participated as one among 1000 artists in Pune art festival where national and international artists participated.   Now the sisters did not have to turn back; with all these experiences of living each day

with art, they started ‘LIVE WITH ART’, a design art and craft company with Gopika being the Founder and Head of Product Design and Gayathri as Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Marketing. LIVE WITH ART has their own unique methods and techniques for various space solutions. It is their passion to dress up the space, in tune with the lay out with unique conceptual paintings, sculptures and murals that lend more charm and positive energy to the environment. While doing this they also try to uplift talented artists, especially women, who doesn’t have any platform to exhibit and earn a living.

LIVING WITH ART lends a Midas touch to any layout; it seems that the twins know very well that Art is always long…

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