Struggles in Afghan Women’s Empowerment

Afghan Women's Empowerment
Image courtesy: ANI English

In Kabul, Afghanistan, the “Khadijah al-Kubra” exhibition, a platform for entrepreneurial women, grapples with obstacles and low turnout due to economic difficulties. The event, organized by the Taliban administration’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce in collaboration with the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries, seeks to empower women economically while supporting children and mothers in Kabul.

Despite the participation of women from various provinces, including Helmand, Nimruz, Herat, and Nangarhar, the exhibition faces limited attendance as only women are allowed. Maryam Mohammadi, a participant, expresses concern over the scarce turnout in the past two days, leading some exhibitors to contemplate closing booths due to the lack of visitors.

The economic challenges and Taliban-imposed restrictions on women’s participation have posed significant hurdles. Approximately 850 entrepreneurial women showcase their products, but the decline in women’s role in trade, as reported by the World Bank, reflects the broader impact of changes in systems and restrictions on women’s work and education in Afghanistan.

Amidst the obstacles, a visitor named Humaira acknowledges the importance of such exhibitions but underscores the difficulties faced by women due to restrictions and economic hardships. She emphasizes the vital role women play in the country’s economy and urges responsible institutions to create more opportunities for them.

The “Khadijah al-Kubra” exhibition, meant to empower Afghan women, grapples with challenges that extend beyond the showcase of products, highlighting the broader issues faced by women entrepreneurs in the current socio-political and economic landscape.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The ANI English

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