Surprising Genealogical Link: Taylor Swift and Emily Dickinson’s Sixth Cousin Connection

Genealogical Connection
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Unveiling a Fascinating Genealogical Connection

A recent discovery by has brought to light an unexpected familial tie between two seemingly disparate figures: global pop sensation Taylor Swift and the revered 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson. Through meticulous genealogical research, the website revealed that Swift and Dickinson share a familial link as sixth cousins, three times removed. This revelation transcends mere celebrity gossip, delving into the intriguing intersection of music, literature, and familial connections.

Tracing Ancestral Roots: Jonathan Gilette’s Legacy traced the depths of Taylor Swift’s and Emily Dickinson’s DNA, ultimately pinpointing a shared ancestor named Jonathan Gilette. Gilette, an English immigrant who settled in Windsor, Connecticut, during the 17th century, emerges as a pivotal figure in both Swift’s and Dickinson’s family trees. As Swift’s ninth great-grandfather and Dickinson’s sixth great-grandfather, Gilette’s legacy serves as the foundational link between these two iconic figures from different eras.

Geographical Proximity: Connecticut Connections and Amherst Home

Beyond the genealogical connection, unveiled intriguing geographical parallels between Swift’s ancestral journey and Dickinson’s lifelong residence in Amherst, Massachusetts. Gilette’s descendants, including Swift’s forebears, maintained roots in Connecticut for six generations before eventually migrating to northwestern Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, Emily Dickinson’s familial ties kept her rooted in Amherst, fostering geographical proximity between the Swift and Dickinson families and further solidifying their unexpected connection.

Literary Influences: Exploring Swift’s Connection to Dickinson

Taylor Swift’s admiration for Emily Dickinson’s literary prowess is well-documented. Swift has previously acknowledged Dickinson’s influence on her songwriting, describing her compositions as reminiscent of a bygone era of poetic craftsmanship. In particular, Swift has characterized her “quill pen songs” as embodying the spirit of a 19th-century poet crafting verses by candlelight, drawing parallels to Dickinson’s poetic legacy.

Speculations and Anticipation: Swifties Await Response

With the revelation of this familial tie, Swift’s devoted fanbase, known as the Swifties, are left to ponder the depth of Swift’s connection to Dickinson. While the literary influences are apparent, the discovery of their genealogical link opens up a playful exploration of the intersection between familial ties and artistic inspirations. Swift’s reaction to this unexpected revelation is eagerly anticipated, promising to add another layer of intrigue to this captivating narrative of familial and artistic connections.

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