Taylor Swift and Greta Gerwig: Potential Collaborations?

Image Credit: Parade

Pop sensation Taylor Swift and acclaimed director Greta Gerwig were recently spotted together, sparking speculation about a potential collaboration. The two dined alongside mutual friends Laura Dern and Zoë Kravitz on September 18.

Here are some exciting ideas for collaborations between Taylor Swift and Greta Gerwig:

  1. Gerwig Directs Swift’s Music Video: An obvious synergy would be for Gerwig to direct one of Swift’s music videos, especially with Swift’s album re-releases and new projects on the horizon.
  2. Gerwig’s Cameo in Swift’s Music Video: Swift has taken on directing herself, but a music video featuring Gerwig, Dern, and Kravitz would be a treat.
  3. Gerwig Joins Swift’s Film Project: Swift is expanding into writing and directing feature films. Gerwig could have a role in one of Swift’s productions.
  4. Swift Writes for Gerwig’s Snow White: While Gerwig is working on the screenplay for Disney’s Snow White, Swift could contribute a song to the film’s soundtrack.
  5. Swift Composes for Gerwig’s Narnia Adaptations: Gerwig is set to direct two Chronicles of Narnia films for Netflix, which could benefit from Swift’s songwriting talents.
  6. Swift Plays the White Witch: Both Swift and Gerwig have acting experience. Swift could take on a role in Gerwig’s adaptation of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  7. Swift in Gerwig’s Little Women Sequel: Although no sequel has been announced, Swift could join a follow-up to Gerwig’s Little Women.
  8. Gerwig Co-writes a Swift Song: Gerwig’s writing prowess could contribute to Swift’s next album, known for collaborations with friends.
  9. Both in Noah Baumbach’s Film: Perhaps Swift and Gerwig are involved in Noah Baumbach’s upcoming Netflix project, which features Adam Sandler and Brad Pitt.
  10. Swift as Barbie: Swift might be pitching herself to star in any potential Barbie sequels by Gerwig.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Parade