Telangana Govt Provides Gas Cylinders To Women Under Deepam Scheme


The Government of Telangana is providing gas cylinders to women to support them under the Deepam scheme.

It is an ambitious welfare scheme which aims to safeguard the health of women and children by providing them with clean cooking fuel.

Rajeswari, one of the beneficiaries thanked Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao while also stating that more such schemes should be implemented for women in the state. “I got the gas cylinder in the Deepam scheme. I thank our MLA for helping me. It would be great if more such schemes are implemented for women. I thank the Telangana Chief Minister KCR for this,” she said.

Another beneficiary, Indira said that she received a gas cylinder under the scheme which has lessened her difficulties. “I did not have a gas cylinder. It was very difficult. Now, I received a gas cylinder under the Deepam scheme. I am very happy. I would also appreciate it if other schemes are provided. I thank Chief Minister KCR,” she said.

As part of other welfare schemes in the state, the Telangana government is giving pensions worth Rs 3,000 each to differently-abled persons to help in their daily lives. The people are delighted and grateful to the government for the scheme.

Sharada, the mother of Jagan a beneficiary thanked Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao for sanctioning the pension.

“My son’s hands and legs are not well. I requested MLA sir and madam and they sanctioned the pension. We are receiving a Rs 3,000 pension now. I thank Chief Minister KCR for this,” she said.

Meanwhile earlier in September, as a part of its welfare measures and social safety net strategy, the Telangana government introduced the ‘Aasara’ pensions, with a view to ensuring secure life for all the poor. 

Credits: ANI

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