Tendency To Postpone Or Procrastinate? 


Beat it up with just five rules

Procrastinating is the proneness to keep aside events or tasks regardless of its urgency or importance. Very talented and capable individuals sometimes fall short because of their tendency to postpone or procrastinate. Handling procrastination assists in effective time management, systematic planning, completion of tasks etc at the right time. Procrastination brings about work-lagging, discredit, defaming etc. It is imperative to curb out the dire inclination to procrastinate or postpone,  in order to maintain a proper daily regime.

The simple five rules that could help out in checking procrastination to a great extent are: 

      Categorize the task into tiny portions

When there are lumps of work combined together it’s difficult to decide on which task has to be completed first. Eventually, we tend to postpone or undo the work due to hecticity caused even by the thoughts of doing the work. A good way of understanding the amount of work at hand is to list it out one by one. Complete it one after the other and mark in the order of completion as we do in the case of a shopping checklist. 

    Give a minimum time for the completion of each task

           As we set to complete each task, assign minimum time, a timer or alarm can be set as an indicator of the prescribed time. Maximum efforts need to be put forward in order to complete each errand within the specifically set time.

    Do the easiest first and fast

Whenever we have a tendency to procrastinate it’s best to start with the easiest tasks from the already set checklist. As the easiest task is successfully completed, it will motivate us to get into the next tasks with the assurance of confidently completing it. 

  Talk to the inspirers ( Not to   demotivators)

As we discuss the plans on breaking the procrastination or setting goals to attain it, do it with the ones who could inspire or could give constructive suggestions. The ones who are always negative about ideas may knowingly or unknowingly act as deflating forces which can demotivate and induce them to drop the tasks that’s initiated with substantial effort. 

Set a simple incentive to oneself at the completion of the tasks

            On the completion of each task, a small and simple incentive can be given to oneself, such as having chocolates, watching T.V for some time, reading a favourite book etc. as a self-motivation. This gives a rest or break to the body system so as to restore to the activity mode and act as an enhancer in the completion of the rest of the tasks.

Doing it

Applying the plans in the ways discussed, and implementing it as actions are the prime factor that has to be taken care of.

Procrastination is a phenomenon that naturally happens in any one but if it’s continuous and affects daily normal functioning, then it’s high time to be watchful of it. A deliberate effort and staunch intention to overcome could swab the vulnerability towards postponing or procrastinating. Never let the precious time and opportunities ward off from life because of procrastination. Make the best use of each moment which can bring out the prime potential in one’s life.

  • Dr Arathy K Nair

Consultant Counseling Psychologist, Certified  Psychological Trainer-mentor, well-being, art and colour, therapy practitioner.

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