The 63-Year-old Walking Library, This Librarian Walks 6 km Every Day to Deliver Books


For a decade, Kerala resident Radhamani, a librarian at the Pratibha Public Library, has been walking door to door to distribute books for just Rs 5.

Radhamani had been interested in books ever since she was in school. She used to borrow books from the school library and was an avid reader. This passion for reading is what led her to become a librarian. She now works at the Pratibha Public Library in Mothakkara village of Wayanad in Kerala. 

However, because of the distance and other adversary factors women, children and the elderly are unable to access this library and seek the books.

And that is why for the past ten years, 63-year-old Radhamani has been walking every day for almost 6 km with a bag full of heavy books, delivering them door to door. She provided books for only Rs.5. Radhamani feels that women should be able to have access to reading and thus this method will help the women.

Radhamani travels mostly to the tribal parts of the village, and through harsh terrains. She says that she does this just to see the happiness and satisfaction on the faces of the people. On average, Radhamani delivers around 500 books a month.

Credits: The Better India

-Staff Reporter

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